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China Influencer Marketing. Ads Opportunity

Today’s audiences are watching less television, but that doesn’t mean they’re consuming less content. Chinese audiences now watch four hours of digital video every day, much of it on China’s most popular video platforms. BraviShow acts as a Multi-channel networks (MCN) agency, having served as the bridge between video content creators and brands looking to reach social media stars and followers. As the China ecosystem expands, BraviShow has been changed and evolved to meet the market demands.

China Influencer Marketing Service

BraviShow acts as MCN and manages talents and influencers to collaborate with global brands advertisement through China social medias. We help the corporates better communication with our talents and influencers.

BraviShow partners with the content creators worldwide to build unique videos on China social medias in order to reach good result of brand exposure. We provide creative ideas and suggestions to improve your sales conversion rate.

BraviShow connects with global corporates to promote their brands in China: We work with our exclusive influencers, models and talents, who will represent their merchandise on the streaming live sales through China e-commerce platform.

BraviShow provides agent service to China e-commerce merchants to promote their brands in Facebook, Instagram and other international social medias. Our talents will be chosen to work as a promotor and partner.

BraviShow provides many kinds of embedded advertising campaigns working in a remote way. Our talents will wear costumes with the sponsors’ logos in the show and performance on China social medias.

BraviShow provides modeling to take part in the products shooting and photography, so that to make a products videos or catalog printing, web pages or other commercial presentation purpose.


Let us work for the international brands

BraviShow is a leading Chinese MCN and short video content production company, providing high-quality short video contents for Chinese audiences on China social media platforms. BraviShow works together with talents and influencers to produce innovative entertainable contents, while the global corporates like to partner with our influencers on their brands promotional campaigns. Send us inquiry for ads opportunity and partnership. Email to Phone| Wechat 18918151538.