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Talents to Look For

Bravishow Agency collaborates closely with talents to build and enhance their online profiles on Chinese social media platforms, rooted in the digital community. We nurture relationships with talents including Zumba dancers, DJ, Yoga teachers, Diving instructors, Vocalists, Personal trainers, Sports players, Models and presenters, strategically casting them in commercial shows, sales campaigns, and online promotional events. We are always in tune with the preferences of China's short video platforms. We are continuously searching for talented influencers to help create top-notch content for Chinese social media.

Effective Communication and Multiple Channels

We serve as a bridge, helping talents reach Chinese social media and collaborate with Chinese advertisers and sponsors. We have creative assets, video production studios, and the means to distribute videos across various Chinese channels.

Exciting Casting Opportunities

Exciting Casting Opportunities: We offer potential casting opportunities with international companies. We provide creative input and suggestions to align your content and video editing with Chinese preferences.

Steady Monthly Income

After signing exclusive contracts with Bravishow agency, talents receive a basic monthly salary. Talents can earn up to 50% of future sales revenue, while the agency fee averages 50% of the income. This reduces the financial risk for talents and allows them to grow under our guidance and training. Join us with peace of mind and boost your career.

How Bravishow Monetizes with Talents?

We partner with talents worldwide to create diverse video content and livestream sales on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and various Chinese social media platforms. Bravishow agency and our talents earn from our live video chats and content creation. We connect talents with global advertisers, mainly on Chinese social media platforms. Together, we produce content and translate it into Chinese before distributing it across China's digital networks. Talents and influencers earn revenue from view exposure, brand advertising fees, and online sales. Our focus is primarily on product categories such as sports training, travel, English language training, fashion modeling, porcelain, lifestyle, and hosting live streams. Click to Read MCN Partnership Agreement…

Four Steps to Become a Partner with Bravishow Agency: