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China influencer agency work closely with talents to grow on China social media platforms

BraviShow works closely with talents to build and grow your personal profiles online and China social media platforms with roots in the digital community. We cultivate relationships with talents from digital creators to traditional celebrities, strategically casting them in commercial shows, sales campaign and promotional events. We constantly have our finger on the pulse of which China short video platforms care about.

How Talents Influencers Monetize in China

Influencer Agency partners with the content creators worldwide to build their video business on China social medias and help them monetize from their creations. We connect the talents with the global advertisers across all China social media platforms. We produce the contents partly and translate it to Chinese language, and distribute it to China digital networks. Eventually the talents and influencers will monetize from the view exposure and ads fee of the brand partners, mainly focusing on the lines of products, such as, beauty, fashion, sports, travel, sports training classes, life style and streamlining presenter. Click to Read MCN Partnership Agreement…

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Influencer Agency always looking for talented influencers to create the best contents for China social medias.

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A Good Communcation Bridge

We help talents to reach China social media and collaborate with Chinese advertisers and sponsors. We now own creative properties, video production studios, and the means to distribute the videos across China multiple channels.

Casting Opportunities and Jobs

We provide you potential casting opportunities to be hired by Chinese companies. We provide creative ideas and suggestions to improve your contents and video editing in order to meet Chinese tastes.

Monetize in China

Talents are free to join us and will grow quickly with us. The basic monthly salary is offered to the qualified content creators after signing exclusive contracts. Our agency fee is average 30% from the income. Click to read MCN Partnership Agreement